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Qingdao Institute for Theoretical and Computational Sciences (QiTCS) was established in December, 2018, with Prof. Dr. Wenjian Liu, elected member of International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science, as the founding director. QiTCS is an independent research institute, focusing on new theories, methodologies, algorithms, software and real-life applications in chemistry, biophysics, materials, condensed matter and mathematics. In each of the five disciplines there will be 2 to 3 principle investigators, each of whom may lead a group of 2 to 3 assistants (full professors, associate professors, assistant professors, etc.), up to 40+ faculty members in total. Together with a large of number of postgraduate students and postdocs, 2000 m2 office space, as well as supercomputers, QiTCS will be an ideal platform for carrying out cutting-edge researches in theoretical and computational sciences.